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Hey, losers! What are you doing here?
― Roy, greeting Skid and Pump.

Reynold, often shortened to Roy, is a major recurring antagonist in the Spooky Month series, debuting in Spooky Month 2 - The Stars.

He is the leader of the Hatzgang, and the constant bully of Skid and Pump. Roy is the sole heir to a wealthy family, who disapprove of him hanging out with the "plebeian" Ross and Robert. He seemingly acts out as a form of either rebellion against them or to de-stress himself, and while he is consistently horrible to Skid and Pump for no reason, he is shown to have a softer side when with his friends.


Spooky Month 2 - The Stars

Roy first appears alongside the rest of the Hatzgang, stopping Skid and Pump on the sidewalk outside of Mr. Wonder's house. Roy greets the two with a "hey, losers" and harasses them for a bit with Ross and Robert. After asking both of them what they're doing outside, they tell him that it is 'spooky month,' which causes Roy to tell them that there is a "spooky party in the house on the hill." Once the two run off, Roy remarks that "that's where [his] uncle takes him," which causes Ross and Robert to take an uncomfortable step away.

Not long after, Roy is seen mid-conversation with Ross and Robert about the immorality of his uncle's behavior, apparently not aware of how wrong it is. The trio are interrupted by Skid and Pump, this time with the Eyes of the Universe in tow. The Eyes hypnotizes all of them, which Skid and Pump misinterpret as them "having fun." Skid, Pump, and the Eyes then leave to get candy.

Spooky Month 3 - Unwanted Guest

Skid and Pump run into Roy after leaving Eden Hospital, where he immediately begins to harass them. He stops after noticing Ross and Robert shivering, at which point they remind him about "big monster," referring to the Eyes of the Universe. Roy freezes in fear for a second, having shrugged the whole encounter off as a dream. After Skid and Pump offer to let him meet it again, he grows enraged and begins to shout at them, angry that the two of them got him in trouble. Ross tries to console him, but Roy grows angrier, saying that he doesn't even know for sure what happened that day.

Roy stops yelling once he notices the Happy Fella doll they were dragging behind them, confused at what it is. While Robert celebrates behind him, Roy grins evilly and rubs his hands together, scheming. While the camera cuts away, it can be assumed that he proceeded to beat Skid and Pump and ruin the doll, since they are next seen wearing the Happy Fella's box and clothes, respectively.

Spooky Month 4 - Deadly Smiles

The Hatzgang is first seen in the middle of the episode, where they are getting sweets from CandyClub. After they turn to leave, Kevin notices that Roy has stuffed handfuls of candy into his sweater, which he calls him out on. Roy yells for them to run, and they escape the building, with Kevin accidentally hitting someone with a piece of candy he threw at them.

A few minutes later, Roy and the others are chilling in the back alley of CandyClub, where they find a Happy Fella doll walking up to and laughing at a cat. The Hatzgang briefly question why it was alive, but Skid and Pump walk up to them and ask for the doll back, explaining that they lost it earlier. While Ross and Robert both agree to give it back, Roy holds the doll hostage and insists that they trade him something for it. After they ask what they can do to get the Happy Fella back, Roy tells them to "give [him] their clothes," which causes Ross, Robert, and the Happy Fella to start yelling at him. Roy says that he's talking about their sweaters, which gets a brief moment of hesitation from Skid and Pump, but they eventually cave in and give them to him.

Spooky Month 5 - Tender Treats

Roy is seen with Ross and Robert in the middle of the episode, where the two are explaining to him that he should have brought a costume for trick-or-treating. Roy says his parents don't want him to hang with them, and Robert says they could find a costume nearby, which prompts Roy to steal some costume pieces from a couple of kids who are walking past. He then declares himself a "rapper," which Robert says isn't scary.

Skid and Pump walk past them with a giant box of sweets from CandyClub, and Roy stops them with the intent of stealing it. Ross pulls him away before he can try, but Roy comes back and takes some handfuls of candy after Robert politely asks for some. after Skid and Pump walk away, the Hatzgang are ambushed by Bob Velseb, who has been following the duo. He stands over them and threatens them with a knife, and the trio hold up their candy as a peace offering, which he accepts and walks away with.

The Hatzgang begin to walk away to find more candy, but Roy's parents drive up in their limousine. Richard says that he's in big trouble, and Carmen berates him for his inelegant costume choice, also calling his friends "plebeians" and saying that he shouldn't be hanging out with them. Inside the car, Roy sees a giant bag of candy that his parents had collected earlier, and asks to say bye to his friends. After his window is opened, he throws them the bag of candy and says that he hopes it helps them, before his parents drive away with him.

Spooky Month 6 - Hollow Sorrows

Roy is first seen during a montage where Skid and Pump are goofing around. He is in the middle of talking to Ross and Robert about something serious when the duo run up behind him and poke him on the cheek, telling him telling him that he's "it" like a game of tag. Roy gets infuriated and lunges at them, but Ross and Robert stop him before he can do any damage, which causes Skid and Pump to leave.

He is seen with the other Hatzgang members again in the middle of the episode, after Father Gregor tells Skid and Pump that they should be kind to everyone regardless of how they are treated. The two run up to Roy, intending to apologize to him for pestering him earlier. Roy threatens to punch them before they can even get a sentence out, but is again held back by Ross and Robert. After they apologize, Ross and Robert say they didn't do anything wrong, but Roy says he disagrees. Skid tells him that it's okay, and they appreciate him anyway, which causes Ross and Robert to question what Roy had done to them since they never act that way. Roy then beats them up to prove that he didn't do anything to them, which Ross and Robert yell at him for. They try and get him to apologize, which he denies, and after Skid and Pump walk away Ross punches Roy in the arm.

Roy makes a final appearance in the ending montage of Moloch rampaging across town, where the demon possesses him. Father Gregor quickly exorcizes him, and then runs off with Skid and Pump to continue chasing Moloch, leaving Roy on his knees coughing for air.




Roy is a short boy, ranging from 13-16 years old, with a round face, stout torso, and small legs. He has medium-length reddish-brown curly hair that he wears a blue baseball cap over, and his eyes are usually drawn as half-circles, with black lines along the top that taper off to look like eyelashes or eyeliner. Roy's default outfit consists of an orange-brown sweater with several pale-yellow horizontal stripes going around it, and a pair of black pants and shoes.


In his winter clothing, Roy replaces his blue baseball cap with a peach-colored flat cap, and gains a thicker sweater with a far more prominent turtleneck. This sweater is still predominantly orange-brown with pale-yellow horizontal stripes, but the stripes now form a zigzag pattern up and down his torso. He still wears black pants and shoes.


Roy's "rapper costume" is his default outfit, but with his blue baseball cap turned backwards and a thick blue sweatshirt pulled over his usual sweater. This blue sweatshirt also has light blue fur around the neck, which is presumably a hood.


Seemingly because of his upbringing, Roy is most commonly seen acting out of line and with immense disrespect. His rich parents have high standards for him, and this causes him to act out of line whenever he is away from them, dressing and acting like a stereotypical bully. While he will disrespect almost anyone, seen when he stole from CandyClub, he most often harasses and abuses those who are younger and less powerful than him, most principally being Skid and Pump. Roy has no issue with physically and verbally abusing them at any opportunity he can, even when Ross and Robert constantly tell him not to.

Despite it not being seen very often, Roy does have a softer side when around those he trusts. The few times the Hatzgang is seen by their lonesome, Roy is talking with Ross and Robert in a very emotional and sincere way, and genuinely cares for them and their well-being. After his parents pulled him away from them on Halloween, Roy went out of his way to give them the giant bag of candy that was in the back seat of their limousine, regardless of the eventual consequences. That said, he doesn't seem to listen to Ross and Robert often, since they constantly tell him to leave Skid and Pump alone, but he never does.

As a child, Roy also seems to be fairly innocent, since he doesn't understand that the things his uncle does to him are immoral and is genuinely confused when Ross and Robert explain it to him. Roy also appears to have an issue with not being in control, evidenced by him telling people to "shut up" if they question him too much.


  • According to a now-deleted Tweet, Roy is possibly 13.[1]
  • In Halloween art drawn by Sr Pelo, Roy dressed up as a vampire.[2] This was later referenced in Spooky Month 5, with Roy's mother telling him that instead of dressing up as a rapper he should have been something more elegant, like a vampire.
  • In Spooky Month 2 - The Stars, it is implied that Roy's uncle had sexually abused him at least once. After telling Skid and Pump to go to the Cult's mansion on the hill, he says "that's where my uncle takes me," and he is later seen in the same episode saying "what do you mean it's wrong" to Ross and Robert. It is unknown if Roy's parents were aware of this or not.
  • Strangely, despite staring at the Eyes of the Universe, Roy's eyes don't glow while in the presence of something demonic. This can be seen in Spooky Month 6, when Moloch runs up the Hatzgang and possesses him.
    • Whether this is meant to be important or is just an oversight is unknown.
  • Many people have headcanoned that Roy is transgender, owing to his high-pitched voice, short stature, and the black marks around his eyes looking like eyelashes. While Sr Pelo eventually confirmed this to not be the case, he also said that people could still make him so in AUs and other non-canon works.[3]






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